Part of what makes Stancel Concrete successful is our relationships with our suppliers.  We try to align ourselves with the best in the industry and partner with them to deliver the highest quality finished products to our customers.  We continually seek out the most reputable vendors in our market to ensure we maintain the best service and pricing on concrete ready mix, concrete masonry block, steel reinforcement, and concrete formwork / lumber.  If you would like to be one of our preferred suppliers please contact us with your current information and pricing so that we may work together in the future.

Some of our preferred suppliers include;

  • Argos/Florida Rock - Ready Mix and Block
  • Preferred Materials - Ready Mix and Block
  • Environmental Concrete - Ready Mix
  • Kuhlman Concrete- Ready Mix
  • Construction Materials - Rebar and Accessories
  • White Cap / HD Supply - Rebar and Accessories
  • Raymond Building Supply - Form Lumber and Material
  • Naples Lumber - Form Lumber and Material

Preferred Suppliers